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Cafe de Beaumarchais

Cakes at Cafe de Beaumarchais

The first time I visited the enchantingly named Cafe de Beaumarchais, a thick winter mist was swirling through the streets and fog had shrouded half of the little village of Sassafras.

It is hard to imagine that anyone paying a visit to Sassafras in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, would not instantly love it. It is drenched in charm and dripping with nostalgia and the line that snakes outside the popular Miss Marples Tea Rooms is proof perfect regarding its popularity as a tourist destination. Just quietly I know a lot of non tourists that also love the area, myself included.

If you do not feel like lining up to be cosily ensconced in the floral and lace dining room at Miss Marples then you might like to dine somewhere different. Cafe de Beaumarchais should certainly keep you happy.

It is a narrow fronted French Cafe named after a well known French teacher extraordinaire. Musician, diplomat, spy and playwright are but a few of the bows in his quiver. The cafe is decorated accordingly and is gorgeous & gilt lined in equal measure. Pop over here for some pictures if you would like.

The menu has a great range of cakes and tarts and in true French fashion also does a line in simple but perfect baguettes. ($9.90 – $11.90)

Cafe de Beaumarchais

They serve Jasper organic fair-trade coffee ($3.80) , an interesting selection of teas ($4/ $8) and even a tiny selection of wine. My advice is that you try one of their Parisian hot chocolates with a tiny croissant to on the side. I was helpfully told that the croissant is for dipping in the thick, sweet chocolate and it was immediately apparent that this is a perfect idea!

Cafe de Beaumarchais


Next time you are in the area stop by for a visit. I really enjoyed my window seat although there will be no fog swirling at this time of year. Call ahead for a table if there will be more than one of you as this is a small, popular cafe. If you learn any more of the intriguing Pierre de Beaumarchais then let me know. If only we could all live such exciting lives!

For now, I will stick with the joy of indulging in chocolate, pastry & cake. I’ll save diplomacy and spying for another time…..

Happy Eating.

Dani xx


Cafe de Beaumarchais

Cnr Mount Dandenong Tourist Road & Woodlands Avenue, Sassafras
Phone:(03) 9755 1100


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