The Sweet Swap 2014

The Sweet Swap 2014

The Sweet Swap 2014

So for starters, having little sweet packages of gorgeousness arrive at your door every second day for a week is awesome! I really could not recommend it more. If you get a chance to be involved in next years Sweet Swap or if you have friends kind enough to send you little packets of chocolately goodness in the mail, then make like Nike and Just Do It.

A word of warning though, finding appropriate packaging is freakin’ stressful. So make something that will transport well and arrive intact.

Now to get to the good stuff, the food.

The Sweet Swap 2014

After much deliberation and one burnt finger, I made Chocolate Truffles. Mainly because I like chocolate truffles but also because I had read a few interesting recipes recently on how to create and infuse interesting flavours into your chocolates.

Obviously I could not just copy someone else’s recipe so I had to go all Master Chef Invention Test and make up my own.



Then there were the lovely sweets that arrived on my door step……….

The Sweet Swap 2014  Toffee covered High Fives all round to Cassie from Journey From Within, for her Snap, Crackle and Pop Rocky Road.


The Sweet Swap 2014 A buttery shake of the hand and Grazie bambino, to Felicia from Next Stop: Food, for the Pandan Cookies.


The Sweet Swap and caramel scented air kisses to Katherine at A Cupcake or Two, for the Salted Caramels with Chilli and Fennel. The packaging was beautiful. 

The Sweet Swap

I love love loved the experience. A huge thank you to Sara from Belly Rumbles and Amanda from Chewtown for organising the event and letting me partake! 🙂 It was great “meeting” so many other Aussie food bloggers and I was a little star struck that my own humble truffles made their way to the lovely Sandra at The $120 Food Challenge.

Happy Eating!

Dani xx


Dani B

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Dani xx

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7 thoughts on “The Sweet Swap 2014

    1. Hello!
      Thanks so much for popping by. The truffles were delicious although a bit of a trial to transport via Aus Post! Were you involved in the sweet swap? For some reason when I click on your name all I find is a heavy metal band from Gippsland! Multi tasking maybe?
      Take care,

  1. Can I just say that these treats were BY FAR the most popular in my house during that wonderful Sweet Swap week. My housemate, always good on the tooth, snaffled them in nano-seconds.

    I would be thrilled if you publish the recipe for those milk choc truffles with strawberry chilli dust because he goes overseas in a couple of weeks’ time and then dear Dani, I could make my own and eat them in uninterrupted splendour, because I’m generous like that.

    Lovely to ‘meet’ you x

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