Chocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry Dukkah


Chocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry DukkahChocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry Dukkah

I have been having a little practise of some recipes for the upcoming Sweet Swap 2014. This is lots of fun for the whole family. I get to think of and try lots of new creative recipes :-), the kids get to eat a lot of sweets 🙂 and hubby gets to do the dishes ;-). The above recipe was my fist idea/ attempt.

Now I know that Dukkah is technically a Egyptian side dish made of herbs, nuts and spices so strawberry dust, cocoa and roast cashews does not exactly fit the definition. But I am going all flamboyant master chef creative, so bear with me. This is the simple recipe.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES WITH SWEET STRAWBERRY DUKKAH Chocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry Dukkah


200g of good  chocolate (the best you can find)

1/3 cup of cream

1 small packet of Dried/ dehydrated strawberries or raspberries

15g Roasted Cashews

Dutch cocoa


1. Break the chocolate into small pieces and mix with the cream.

2. Melt in a ceramic bowl over a saucepan of hot water.

3. Stir gently as it melts and enjoy the gorgeous silkiness of it all.

Chocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry Dukkah

4. Allow to cool and then pop into the fridge until mixture firms up.

5. While the mixture cool bash come dried strawberries and nuts (separately). Place into small bowls. Add cocoa powder to a third bowl.

6. Scoop truffle mixture into small balls and roll into truffles. You chose the size!

7. Dip into the spice mix.

8. Eat!


So my truffles looked great, but tasted a little bitter as I used a dark chocolate with a high percentage of Cocoa. This was not really to my taste. I also made them too big. But the Dukkah was an awesome foil to the bitter chocolate and I will make them again. This time with a different chocolate. They look pretty beautiful though!

I also don’t think they will send well in the post so I will not be using them for my Sweet Swap Challenge :-(. But on the bright side, today I will be cooking with chocolate again! Swings and roundabouts. Happy Eating. Dani Chocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry Dukkah

Update. I made the recipe again with a slightly sweeter chocolate and it was perfect. You can read more here about the Sweet Swap. Should I do it again next year? I am not sure…. Check out my Facebook page to be kept up to date. Maybe you might even consider joining me?

Chocolate Truffles with Sweet Strawberry Dukkah

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