Spring Onion and Sweet Corn Fritters

So I have deemed it that every Saturday night is now Vegetarian night at my house. I have read enough to convince me that having meat free meals one or two nights a week is both good for the environment and also good for out health. Part of my inspiration for Eat my Street is that we should all be shopping locally, eating locally and dining locally as much as possible. You couldn’t get more local than dinner at home!

I also watched a River Cottage on ABC iview and was inspired to try and do “interesting” things with my veg. I was also unfortunately inspired to make a bacon sandwich as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (what a glorious moniker) opens Ep 1 Series 1 by doing just this. He of course then decides not to eat it. I decide to go and make one for the first time in my life. #fail

A little while ago I decided to attempt to replicate the delicious Corn Fritters with spicy plum relish from Chin Chin in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. These were actually very successful but my hatred of deep frying motivated me to come up with my own recipe. Here is the final product.

Spring Onion and Sweet Corn Fritters


Spring Onion and Sweet Corn Fritters with lettuce cups and plum sauce


2 Spring onion

1/2 Red Chilli

180 g SR flour

Lettuce for lettuce cups & mint leaves for wrapping

6 corn cobbs

3 eggs

45g soy sauce

Oil for shallow frying

Spicy plum jam or sauce


I blitz the red chilli in the food processor and then add 3/4 of the corn and make it into a paste.

Then I add the rest of the corn and also blitz this but leave it with a little texture.

Mix everything else through including the chopped spring onion.

Shallow fry.

Wrap in lettuce, pop on a mint leaf and dab on some jam. That’s if they make it out of the pan and to the table before you eat them,

The end result is delicious and lighter than you think. Although when shallow frying you really have to make sure you cook out that flour :-).

Spring Onion and Sweet Corn Fritters


They are pretty delicious although quite different from the Chin Chin original. My kids even liked them which is a happy miracle of its own right? I served them with a home made potato gnocchi and fresh tomato passata and a plate of chopped carrot, cucumber and tomato. Everyone just helped themselves to what they wanted and we made like we were having a fancy finger food soiree but with “Return to Nims Island” playing in the background. And wrestling. Always with the wrestling at my house…..

Probably not that different to a fancy finger food soiree after all.

Happy Vegetarian Night!

Dani xx



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