The Berry and Bean, Berwick.

Update. JUNE 2016.

This little cafe has now closed and the best breakfast burger I ever ate is now longer available. Oh well! Swing and roundabouts.

You can find other great suggestions of where to eat in Berwick by going here. photo2


I found one of those little hidden local gems recently

I have walked past The Berry and Bean in Berwick too many times since I moved to the area. It is (sadly) situated in the big building that houses Safeway, Priceline and Bakers Delight. It is not exactly  the sexy part of town (understatement alert).

It also houses a Bob the Builder ride so it is normally an area I rush part with my fingers crossed hoping my little two year old attachment will not win the fight this time about wether we stay and play or not.

But, through a series of random events, I voluntarily stopped by one morning and ordered the apparently popular bacon and egg roll.

Surprise number one. It was delicious.

Surprise number two. The lady serving me was lovely.

Surprise number three. A lot of people must stop here to eat this bacon and egg burger as it has its own little sign explaining that you must not order it after 2pm. Who would have thunk it!

I went back this morning and ordered it again. Just because it was so awesome the first time. Then I had a little wind swept picnic in small snatches of sunshine with the attachment.


$5.90 for a lovely fluffy white roll (Bakers Delight I think), heaps of well cooked bacon, perfectly runny but not too runny egg and sauce if you should so desire (do it!).

We eat for different reason right? Sometimes we need to sustain ourselves, sometimes we want something delicious, sometimes something energising or uplifting. Likewise I like different cafes for different reasons. The Berry and Bean is a great place to go for well made, simple but tasty food served with a gentle smile. Don’t book a table for Grandma’s 70th but if you are on the run and need a pie, smoothie, sandwich or egg and bacon roll, then stop by!

The deets:

The Berry and Bean Cafe

Berwick Marketplace

Lyall Rd, Berwick.

The Berry and Bean on Urbanspoon

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