The Main Cafe Bar and Restaurant Berwick

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The Main Cafe Bar and Restaurant Berwick

I had lunch at the Main today. Or is it I had lunch at The Main Cafe today? I don’t know. Can one cafe really take the word “main” as its very own. I guess it can……

This little blogger is getting slightly bolder with the photo taking so I have lots of yummy looking images for you this time around!

Let’s start with the Classics.


The Main Cafe used to operate under a different name and with different management, as Moods Cafe. I never visited at Moods but I have been to the Main a few times.

On one occasion I ate here for a function and we spent the whole afternoon eating as much cake as we could. It was pretty good. There is a delicious and extensive selection of cakes at the Main Cafe and I am pretty sure they are all delicious.

The Main Cafe Bar and Restaurant Berwick

I am told that they source their cakes from Marks Quality Cakes in Williamstown.

I was a little sad not to see my all time nostalgic favourite Sweet By Nature cakes at the table.

The Main Restaurant is quite nice on the inside in a blond Swedish way. It is however very noisy in an annoying rattling kind of way. It is also insanely popular considering the prices they charge here. The price point is the classic Cafe-food-at-restaurant-prices thing that seems to be absolutely rife in the Suburbs.

The food was nice though. Guess what I ordered?

The Main Cafe Bar and Restaurant Berwick

My dining company was slightly more adventurous/ delirious.

The Main Cafe Bar and Restaurant Berwick

There was an awesome looking calamari salad doing the rounds that I would one day like to try too.

Probably the best thing about the Main cafe & bar Berwick is that the staff are great. Prompt, friendly, efficient. Also, the gelato looked pretty awesome. I think I will definitely be back for the gelato.

The Main Cafe Bar and Restaurant Berwick

Check them out at their website for prices and a more thorough understanding of what they are actually called.

The meal cost us about $46 for two mains, some chips and a coffee.

Happy Eating.

Dani xx

P.S. Like me baby. Please?


The details:

1/4-6 Wheeler St


(03) 9707 0300

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