Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory

Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory

I have been back to the farmers market at the old cheese factory today. It really is a cute little market on a gorgeous property so I thought I would share my photos with you this time. Hopefully they might entice you to visit and support this great local market.

Today I bought some delicious cheese from the Tarago River Cheese Company in Neerim South (a very beautiful town in Gippsland).

They had a great range of cheeses available for tasting and the guy at their little stand was friendly and informative and hospitable. It tried three of their blue cheeses and bought one, Shadows of Blue. They were all very nice and perfectly ripe but I had to save myself for one of their Brie cheeses also. They were all priced at around $35 per kg which is very reasonable for a well ripened cheese.

Tarago Cheese at Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory

This Farmers Market is open on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 8am to 12.30pm.

There is a $2 donation to get into the market which for such a small, local space seems very expensive to me. Especially if you only want to stop by for a few minutes to pick up supplies.

Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory

It is lovely to have a stroll through the Berwick Market on a Winter’s morning. There were cakes and bread and pasta and fresh fruit and veg available. How gorgeous is this bunch of radish?

Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory

There were equally good looking fresh beetroot for sale at the same market stall. These beetroot were almost unrecognisable when compared with the the sad brown looking fresh beetroot I just bought myself from the supermarket the other day. A lot of the fruit and veg from this stall were selling out very fast and I can understand why.

I also bought some amazing roast potato gnocchi from The ingredient list for this gnocchi is a dream; potato, flour, free range eggs, potato flakes (3%) and salt. So much better than anything you can by at the supermarket and great for those nights where you cannot be bothered making your own

Wish me luck eating all that cheese! I am sure I will be up to the task although I may need to invest in some new clothes if I do not share it with a friend.

You might also be interested in the Homestead Cafe at the Old Cheese Factory. You can read more about it by clicking on the link or by clicking here. 

The details: 34 Old Homestead Rd, Berwick. 2nd Saturday of the month. 8am to 12.30pm

Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory

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