Cafe Roubaix Bendigo

I have been thinking a lot about this place lately.


Cafe Roubbaix @ Hardings Cycles, Bendigo.

I visited here last Summer. That seems so long ago and indeed it was a long time. But I never forget good cake!

Cafe Roubaix is a small little cafe/ coffee shop in downtown Bendigo. The fit out of the cafe is pretty ordinary and the fact that it is kind of attached to a bicycle store is obviously not fantastic but the food. Oh, the food. It is sublime.

Let me dazzle you with an obviously impressive fact.

Cafe Roubaix has a chocolate fountain.

I think you are basically all convinced now that this is a great place to visit but for those remaining sceptics (or for my friend Jarrod who must be the only person in Australia who does not like chocolate) there is actually also delicious home made cakes, pastries and eclairs. When I visited they were also doing catering for a local event of some sort and had a delicious array of savoury bits and pieces going on also.


I have tried quite a few of the cakes from Cafe Roubaix and it was all good. I am looking forward to my next visit so I can try some more.

A word of warning. When I visited on a Saturday morning there were a lot of lycra clad bums clip clopping around the cafe and creating long lines. If you want to see “group think” in action then watch a gaggle of middle aged middle income bicyclists at play. They seem to lose all manners and common courtesies because they are GETTING FIT. Right, GETTING FIT by RIDING A BIKE. How impressive. No body seems to have bothered to tell them that people have been sitting atop a sturdy frame on two wheels for a very very long time and with a lot less fanfare. If you think teenage girls are obsessed with image then you will be truly impressed with the stylings of the lycra lot.

So, they will probably park their bikes where you can’t get passed and they will not bother to book a table ahead or go somewhere where they will not block the footpath (like a comparable group of say, Mum’s with prams) because they are GETTING FIT and thus exempt from all else. But if you can bear this, then visit Cafe Roubaix. It is delicious. The cakes will haunt your dreams.

And maybe you could even buy a bike from next door and get so fit, that you can eat cake all day.

Happy Eating,

Dani xx

The details:

Cafe Roubaix

66 Queen St


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