Best Things to do in Berwick


Best Things to do in BerwickBerwick

When I first bought my house in Berwick I was a little charmed and a little chuffed.

My husbands idea of a good weekend away is camping in the bush, sans mobile phone reception and water running through pipes. My idea of fun is a walk around the City (any city will do), a meal somewhere exciting, cake somewhere cute and a coffee somewhere scenic (I could go on but you get my point). So when we decided on Berwick it was kind of because our here on the Urban Fringe offered us the best of both worlds. Look left and you see countryside, look right and you see a long road snaking to the city. Stand on a hill and look South and you’ll see the beach. Pretty good location really.

But the last time we viewed our “new ” house before signing off on the paperwork we were driving through the Main Street of Berwick Village on a busy Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden I saw everything with different eyes. Berwick was really just a lot of houses perched  on the edge of an old Highway.

Cue panic.

What I really needed then is what I will offer you now. The eight best things to do in  Berwick.

1.  Head to the Dandenong Ranges.

Depending where you live in Berwick you are kind of tucked into the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges anyway. You can drive or walk somewhere scenic and beautiful very quickly. Emerald is a 15 minute drive away and boy is that drive beautiful. At this time of year with all the Autumn leaves it is simply showing off. Visit Puffing Billy, have a coffee or some lunch, walk the rolling hills. Spot the “angry bird” goats and Sally’s BigAss Burgers somewhere around Upper Beaconsfield. You can also reach for Belgrave in about the same amount of time or let yourself get lost and find Sassafras. You will not regret it.

echidna near beniwck


Puffin Billy near Berwick

2. Jump on a train and hot foot it to the City.

Ok so every weekend I read the newspaper and every weekend they have lists of what is good and fun and interesting and educational and artistic and awesome. Berwick is never on these lists. Because frankly we are really not excelling at any of these things. Which is fine. To be honest, when I lived close to the city I did not really do a lot of these things anyway because, well, because of life. So this is what I figure… if you want to go to a gallery opening, or a hot new restaurant or the theatre, just face the commute and go. It is worth it and not that far.

3. Find good food. Easy!

Dinner at award winning O.My in Beaconsfield.

Drink at Four Figs or Revival or the Old School cafe.

Cafes near Berwick

Check out this list of The Best Cafes in Berwick &  beyond for ideas.

Walk along High St in Berwick Village and discover our very own artisan Butcher at The village Butcher.

4. Visit a Market. We are a little spoilt for choice.

photo 1


There is Akoonah Park Market, the Case-Berwick Farmers Market or the Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory. None of these actually even require you to leave town. Further afield there are markets in Gembrook and Emerald and Belgrave, Drouin, Dandenong, Warragul and the Yarra Valley. They all offer something a little different. Do your research then get to it! Here let me help….

Click here for The best markets in Berwick and beyond. 

5. Go to Wilson Botanic Park.  Watch Shakespere there, play on the playground, climb the lookout tower, be a ranger for a day. Just enjoy its beauty and the peace and quiet. Recharge with a walk or by laying on a rug and staring at the view of the sky through the Autumn leaves.

6. Take a walk or ride a bike.


From where I am sitting right now, not only can I see a gorgeous array of Autumn leaves and colour, but I can see a brand new walking/ bike track. This is one of many in the area.

The Hallam Valley Trail offers over 10km of bike tracks through the heart of Casey.

7. Hit the High St on a sunny Saturday morning.


Just park your car and walk from the Butcher to the Baker and enjoy the view along the way. Smile at a local. Pretend you have not noticed the sheer mass of cars careening up the main street in town. Walk through the landscaped gardens in the middle of the Village. Marvel at the statues of Edwin Flack and Spiridon Louis and ask a local about the firsson of excitement their pairing caused.  When I first moved here a local hairdresser was lamenting the days where everybody new your name in Berwick Village. Make it happen again with a smile and a help (hopefully you won’t be arrested).

8. Grab a coffee at the Old School Cafe and then take a walk through the accompanying park. This is just good old fashioned, life affirming fun.


Any ideas of what you might add to the list local Berwick-ites?

Let me know in the comments below.

As always, enjoy.

Dani xx

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3 thoughts on “Best Things to do in Berwick

  1. Hi Dani, an interesting read! While I stumbled across your blog while looking at reviews of Cumulus Inc, I too have made the move from inner city to Berwick. It has been such a tricky transition (still is after two years!) and yes – that freeway get s a workout!!! That long, long, stretch of freeway!! Nice to read Im not alone!!

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie,
      What is your pick for the best coffee? Any hints from a seasoned local? (2 years makes you more senior than me).
      Please stop by again.
      Dani xx

  2. Lovely Dani (and I love the fact that you couldn’t stop at five!) We had friends who lived in Berwick for a while (Simon was a minister for a while at the local church) and the old part of Berwick is really charming – it was an eye opener for us inner / middle suburbs folk. It’s a good choice!

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