The Black Toro Restaurant and Bar.

The Black Toro restaurant and bar Glen Waverley 

The Black Toro Restaurant and Bar


79 Kings Way

Glen Waverley

I have always loved the ever changing restaurant strip in Glen Waverley. We used to live very close by and visit there a lot. At one point I was a little worried about addiction. Kings Way has the best street food and dining strip in the whole of the outer South East, in my opinion. Vietnamese, Japanese, Australian, Korean, Chinese and now Mexican.

I have written before of my love for Mamasita in the city. It is gorgeous and the food is interesting and delicious and the ambiance is electric and you can barely hear what your dining companion is saying so you have to lean in close and the drinks and music and staff are great. They serve new wave Mexican food. Kind of like the Taco Bill of old, but only insofar as a Elvis impersonator is like Elvis Presley. The food is more fresh and inventive and less, well, saucy and formulaic.

So apparently, someone has decided it would be a good idea to fling a  restaurant serving Hispanic cuisine to us desperado’s out here in the Burbs. And they were right. Welcome, The Black Toro. You will be right at home here and very popular.  Enjoy it.

The food looks a little (actually a lot) like this.


I have been meaning to eat here since I caught wind of it early 2013. It apparently opened late 2012.

The menu includes sticky chicken wings with lime ($16), Oysters with tequila and lime ($8) and Spicy pulled pork tacos with shaved cabbage, onion and sour cream ($14). We ate potatoe and chorizo crocquettes  with red pepper relish and they were delicious.


The restaurant itself really looks fantastic and it is a great addition to the usual utilitarian decor of a lot of restaurants on Kings Way.


Here is their website if you would like to know a little more.

The Black Toro 

We really enjoyed our lunch here. We also ordered mini burgers. Who doesn’t love mini burgers? Although of course that is not what they were called on the menu as that would be so 1980’s. You can do a Where’s Wally (also 1980’s yes?) and try and find them on the interesting menu. I am sure the astute among you will have no probs. Otherwise I suggest just eat your way through the whole menu and eventually you will find them.

Happy Eating Amigo’s – nah that is inappropriate.

Happy Eating Folks.

Dani xx




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