Cafe Revival in Beaconsfield

cake cafe revival Beaconsfield


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Cafe Revival in Beaconsfield

24 Wood St, Beaconsfield.

Phone. 97694334

I am an early adaptor. As soon as I get the first hint of a new cafe I am excited and keen and dreaming that all my cafe dreams will finally be fulfilled (Home made chocolate mousse cake that does not make you fat, coffee that does not require you to extend your mortgage to be able to afford a cup every day, wait staff that sing and dance- all the normal stuff). So as soon as I heard that Revival Cafe in Berwick were opening a new outpost, I was pencilling in a visit. Well my pencilled in visit got its pen licence this morning because I got to visit! Woo Hoo!

I am not sure exactly how long they have been open although I have heard rumblings for a couple of months. Certainly the hand written notes handing out the front of the building would indicate that it is still very new.

Cafe Revival in Beaconsfield

So the new Cafe Revival is in the back blocks of Beaconsfield. It is actually a pretty great location as there is plenty of parking, a fairly pretty outlook and away from the bustling main road in Beaconsfield. It also means that this cafe has quite a bit of space for seating when you count the indoor seating and outdoor seating space. Thanks to Melbourne’s freak weather today (21 deg C) there were actually quite a few people sitting outside.

This is the Cafe that Berwick and surrounds has been needing. It is a cafe that you can turn up to with your lap top and your book and sit all day without feeling that you are getting under people’s feet. It has the comfortable thing going on, even with its industrial chic stylings. The interior is actually a bit of a mish mash of all things fashionable right now. We have industrial light fittings and bench tops mixing it with retro chairs, spoons and table tops (think Grandma’s best vinyl bench).

The coffee is good and hot here, the menu of cakes, slices, sandwiches and wraps is pleasingĀ and the atmosphere is casual comfort and I really like this.

Cafe Revival Beaconsfield


The coffee was $3.90. Ridiculous price but pretty much the same as everywhere else in the local area. They use Segafredo beans and also some organic bean that I am unfamiliar with. The staff were friendly and helpful and laid back and hit a pretty good note for this style of cafe.

Two more things. The Mummy’s were drinking here today, in groups. This I love! The Mummy’s (and Daddy’s) deserve to have somewhere to go to drink and chat before they get on with their multi tasking. Secondly, they gave me a chocolate with my coffee. It had mint in it. I was not expecting this. It was yum.

Cafe Revival in BeaconsfieldSo I will definitely return, I may even bring a friend. I think I may finally have made at least one local friend, maybe two- not counting the Kangaroo’s.

See you there fellow Berwick/ Beacy-ites.

Dani xx

Cafe Revival Beaconsfield
Tue-Fri 7:00-3:30
Sat&Sun 7:30-1:00


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2 thoughts on “Cafe Revival in Beaconsfield

    1. Hello Helen,
      I think if you contact Cafe Revival Berwick they may be able to help you. It is confusing that you cannot track down any information for the Beaconsfield store online. I am not quite sure why that is, Also you could check out the Cafe Revival Berwick Facebook page as they sometimes post about the Beaconsfield store.
      Good luck!

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