O.My in Beaconsfield. The beautiful one.

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I have been waiting to post about this restaurant for a while because, well because I really love it!

I first noticed O.My in Beaconsfield when I was walking to my car and was distracted by its front window. You can’t see in O.My from outside you see, and so it has a certain allure to it. All dark, tinted front window and fenced off garden. But somehow I knew something good was coming and indeed I was right.
Apparently two local brothers have opened this fine dining restaurant and boy do they know how to cook.
I was lucky enough to have a date for Valentines Day. Lucky me! Actually it wasn’t quite as good as it sounds as I have three children and thus the chances of me dining out on a special occasion are rather dim. So instead we went out the night before Valentine’s Day. Nearly the same but perhaps not worth bragging about.
The restaurant looks sleek and modern and interesting so we dressed up. I mean who really needs an excuse to dress up when you spend your day with a two year old, but that is my excuse any way.
I had read the early reviews. The word was out that the bread here was baked fresh on site and that is is excellent. It comes in one of those cute little collapsible paper bags and is served with real butter. Tick and tick. I love butter and hate to waste the calories on anything but the real deal so I was well pleased. Also I am easily amused and thus appreciated the gorgeous presentation.
We acted like Gen Y selfie /iPhone obsessives and took a photo of the food. I was a little embarrassed in such a small restaurant, but I just had to share some snaps with you dear reader.
Don’t say I never do anything special for you.
I was keen to try the degustation, but with a 15 year old watching my three wild ones at home I decided speed was of the essence. Instead we opted for one entree to share, a main each and a dessert to share.
The menu is presented like this. Instead of say “fish and chips” it says, Potato, Batter, Salt, Fish, left over pieces of someone else’s burnt chiko roll.
Okay, well that is my example from my local chipper, not what they actually serve of course, but hopefully you see my point.
The food was very good, and delicious and beautiful and interesting.
Our waiter was one of the brother’s who own’s this restaurant. He was awesome! Excellent service. Really hitting that spot where you have enough attention but not too much. This is harder than you would think as I have had very many meals where the wait staff get it wrong. He was really friendly and informative and suggested great wine matches and really knew what was going on in the kitchen. He even took us for a little wander through the veggie garden out the back of the restaurant after we finished our meal. Right up my alley! (Pardon the phrase-age but if the shoe fits…..)
I could go on and on. You really need to visit. I could not recommend it enough. I have not seen any restaurant in this area anywhere near as good.
Did I mention the amuse-bouche that arrived at the start of the meal and also before dessert? So exciting.
The chef’s in the kitchen really are talented. I ordered a pork dish with carrot and my husband had the lamb. They did things with carrot that I do not understand but I really liked! The lamb was beautiful and so was the pork. They make their own aged master stock apparently and it really showed. We were both peering though the dimly lit shadows to try and determine what we were actually eating because there were so many different tastes on the plate. The pork looked a little something like this. Actually it looked exactly like this because here is another one of those reprehensible foodie photo’s.

O.My in Beaconsfield

All of it good.

The dessert sounded simple and it was. But it was that amazing simple that all the TV chefs talk about where the individual elements are all so perfect that the overall effect is amazing. And beautiful. Although I do recognise I am using that word far too much (shame, shame).

O.My in Beaconsfield

You can order two courses for $45 or three for $55. A five course degustation is $75.

You can visit their website here http://omyrestaurant.com.au, for more information. It is worth checking the opening hours before you turn up.

If you have a special occasion, then dine here! Even if you don’t, still dine here. The prices are fantastic for what you are getting.

And yes ,the bread was as good as everyone said. Just don’t fill up on it.


23 Woods St, Beaconsfield VIC 3807
(03) 9769 9000


To read more about this great, award winning, local restaurant. Click on the following links.

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