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Primary @ Pioneer Park

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Primary @ Pioneer Park

“Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

Sometimes this little, apparently Biblical outtake, is more true than not. Today was one of those days.
I woke up like a bear with a sore head, on the wrong side of the bear cave bed (I hope you enjoyed that mishmash #DJDan). Cereal with milk at the kitchen bench was just not going to cut it so I took matters into my own hands and headed out. Destination: Primary @Pioneer Park Cafe.
As a Berwick resident for one whole year and four whole seasons I can say with confidence that Autumn and Spring are really the buzzing months for lovely old Berwick. The gardens, the tree’s, the wind, the opportunity to partake in our lovely outdoor spaces. So Primary Cafe is the perfect destination.
We got a table outside and the sun was kind enough to shine on my back and the wind was gentle enough to tickle not hassle.
Pioneer Park Cafe is the kind of posh version of having a coffee in Berwick. The restaurant was full of (mainly women) with lovely hair and lipstick and clothes made from swishy fabrics. There were also a few school Mum’s but their children were well entertained and behaved thanks to the playground that abuts the cafe’s deck.
I ordered eggs because I really needed them.
They came on very lovely wholegrain bread and they were cooked beautifully. Pre cracked pepper was available on the table and a fairly decent salt. My flat white was quite nice: nothing to complain about nothing to rave about. There was another lovely pattern in my froth that leads me to the conclusion that pictures in froth bears an inverse relationship to excellence in coffee but only at the moderate end of the spectrum. Feedback and ongoing experiments are welcome on this topic.
I have visited Pioneers Cafe before and had a similar experience; descent food and drink and lovely surroundings. The bill is always slightly more expensive that at other places in Berwick.
But sometimes, just sometimes, it doesn’t really matter.


Address: 1-11 Peel Street, Berwick VIC 3806
Phone:(03) 9768 9681

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