Berwick Thai Restaurant

Last night we had a small family dinner at our house.

A small family gathering for me might not be the same as it is for you, unless you are Greek. Having 5 sisters and 4 brother in law’s, 7 nephews and 4 nieces, 2 sons and 1 daughter, 1 Mother and 1 step father makes for a very noisy, busy dinner. It is hard to cater for and hard to concentrate on. So this time we went with the simple solution and ordered Thai food.

Hmmm, Thai food. The staple take away choice of middle class Melbournian’s (Yes, I’m calling it).

It was not my birthday so I did not chose the restaurant. The beauty of this was that I ended up eating somewhere different than usual.

Berwick Thai Restaurant, at 32 High Street Berwick.

We have ordered food from their menu before but we were not overly thrilled. This time, with so many adults and therefore a lot of dishes to sample, I was pleasantly surprised.

One of my sisters, let’s call her Belinda, for that is her name, ordered sweet and sour chicken. I have not eaten this since the Olden Days when Mother and Father made all the decisions (just teasing, I don’t really call them that). I was imagining hard, deep friend lumps of who know’s what, covered in glow in the dark orange sauce. I was wrong! I know, I am shocked too.

Overall, nearly everything we ordered was nice. Nice is the word you use to describe the boy you want to hang out with, but never kiss and indeed this seems an appropriate description.  Vegetable and protein were all individually identifiable and none of the sauces glowed. Left overs were delicious and most of us ate too much. Always a good sign.

My one criticism is that the beef from Berwick Thai seems to be reheated and is therefore a little chewy and bland.

Have you tried it and if you have, what do you think? Boyfriend material or do you just want to be friends?

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