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Corridor is a cute little cafe in, well, a corridor in the Main Street of Beaconsfield. 16b Old Princes Highway, Beaconsfield to be exact. Beaconsfield is actually quite a cute/ quirky kind of Village (or Suburb to be exact, but I’m a glass half full kind of girl). On first impressions it is simply a massive Safeway surrounded by some other weird shops stretching out in a few different directions. But it has quite a lot of bustle and hardly any hustle. An unusual Antique shop, some great gift shops and all other manner of chip, newspaper, meat, bread, cake, organic produce etc etc outlets.

Check it out people.

Corridor is where I supped my first ever coffee out here in the ‘Burbs. It was a take away, it was good and the muffin that was it’s pair was awesome. I was well pleased with little Corridor. Also it has quite an image thing going on. It is in a Corridor and we all know that laneway’s are, well, hot here in Melbourne and other parts of the world. It has a Barista with a MOUSTACHE AND those cool SKINNY PANTS that all the boys in the know are wearing FOLDED UP at the bottom. It has a little VERTICAL HERB GARDEN out the back (are you getting all these buzz words groovy people?). Plus on my last visit one of the customers was singing opera to the waitress and she was promising a return performance on his next visit. My guess is she is a JOBBING ACTRESS.

So, Corridor does have some swagger. I’m pretty sure there was QUINOA salad on the menu. I know.

Small problem though. It is a a little kind of musty/ dusty inside.On my last visit my coffee took ages to arrive and I had a two year old with me and the hipsters didn’t even seem to care and they definitely did not apologise. I guess all that singing was making them numb to the real world. My coffee was not that good when I got it. On other visits it has been very good though. Plus when I ate inside in Summer it was hot and I was uncomfortable.

The food looks Okay. My two year old LOVED the ginger bread man which I am told is not made in house. I passed on the slice/ cake when I visited because it did not look worthy of the calories.

So I am not quite sure what I think about Corridor at this stage. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I haven’t been back, although I would like to have heard more of the singing. Just not when I was desperate for a coffee……

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