Farmers Market at The Old Cheese Factory

When we first moved to Berwick I fantastised about regular weekends spent visiting the many Farmer’s Markets in the area. Berwick is on the urban fringe of Melbourne and as such it occupies an ideal position for Farmer’s to sell their wares to City folk (this is a bit stereotypical I know, but hey! It’s my blog!). I have already posted about the gorgeous Emerald market and now it is the turn of the Farmers Market at the Old Cheese Factory. I have visited a couple of times now and was pleasantly pleased on both occasions.

Most excitingly and top of the list of highlights is the the Dumpling stall! This has been my first sighting of this humble street food this side of Glen Waverley and boy was I excited. They were yummy too. Juicy, full of flavour, thin skinned and covered in a beautiful homemade soy/ ginger/ chilli sauce. They steam them on site which makes them perfect for a warm mid morning snack in the horrible weather we have been having here of late. The lady on the stall says she hails from Moorabbin (I think that is right) which is a little far for evening take away so I will just have to look forward to my monthly visits to the market.

The Friday before my most recent visit to the market I had been on a road trip to the Grampians and was introduced to Darryl’s Fresh Roasted Peanut Butter. It is made from Aussie nuts grown in Queensland and contains no emulsifiers, added oils, sugars of preservatives. As such it is quite dry, but also quite tasty and when I eat it I get a little buzz of eating-well excitement. The next day when I  returned home I was amazed to meet the same-said Darryl at our very own Farmer’s Market.

Actually, just to spoil the illusion a little bit, the guy I met was actually not Darryl and nor did he know anything at all about Darryl or his peanut butter. Very un-farmer’s market-ish of him I say. He was just selling the goods and today I was buying.

Google Darryl’s peanut butter and you will get a story of counterfeit and intrigue of which I could make no sense (thanks NZ).

Other lovely stall holders are Hope Farm Bread, (an old favourite of mine with delicious sour dough) and a Fresh Pasta stall that sells Sweet Potato and Feta Cheese Ravioli. I have bought this pasta on both visits because I love it, so do my children. It was $8 for the bag, and was so tasty that I have even eaten it without a sauce.

For more information visit

Overall I had a lovely, although windy, visit to this Market.

I will definitely be making more of an effort to achieve my romantic ideals and actually visit more local markets. I may even bring my own hand woven basket to ferry my good’s home in my horse and carriage. Or something like that.




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