Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant Beaconsfield

Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant Beaconsfield

So you obviously can’t live in a new location for six months (happy anniversary to Berwick and I!) without trying out the local Thai restaurant.

I am making a real effort to only blog about places I like and not slam any local restaurants lest word gets out and I get black listed and I have a emergency need for Chinese take away and only one restaurant is open and two guys in black suits with microphones in their lapels stop me from entering by stepping quietly across the doorway and shaking their thick necked heads at me. It probably won’t happen I know. What you haven’t heard differently have you?


The restaurant that I do really like is Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai restaurant Beaconsfield. Just a little trip down the road from Berwick but worth the effort I think.

I have dined in and taken away.

The dining in experience wasn’t amazing. The restaurant is very large and was kind of empty and cold and echoey. I could see what they were aiming for but I just wasn’t getting it. In terms of atmosphere anyway.

The food was fantastic though. Fresh, spicy, interesting and reliable. I ordered Coconut Prawns as a starter. They were dipped in batter and coconut and served with a mango sauce and they were very nice. I also tried and liked the Pad Thai and the Massaman Curry among many other dishes. The most amazing dish I had was a Paw Paw salad and had cracked roasted rice, roasted peanuts and fresh chilli some kind of amazing sweet/ sour/ salty dressing. My mouth was on fire. I could barely eat it. But I loved it and I think about it often (sad but true).

This is a romantic post tonight.

As I was leaving the restaurant I noticed David Thompson’s recipe book “Thai Street Food” sitting ostentatiously on the table. That made sense. David’s That restaurant in London received a Michelin Star and he really is a kind of Thai food superhero. I am glad Chilli ‘n’ Chive is taking inspiration form such lofty heights.

If you like your Thai food hot, spicy and fresh then give Chilli ‘n’ Chive Thai restaurant Beaconsfield a try. It is not the best Thai restaurant ever but I think it shows real potential.

Details:┬áChilli ‘n’ Chive Thai Restaurant Beaconsfield

7/52-62 Old Princes Hwy, Beaconsfield VIC 3807
(03) 9769 4488

Here’s the link to their restaurant. Let me know what you think.

Chilli 'n' Chive on Urbanspoon

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