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Ok so this is my first “buy” post. The idea is that sometimes we make amazing things to eat at home and sometimes we buy amazing things to eat at home.

These beautiful Queensland strawberries for instance. A little piece of sunny Queensland made it’s way down here to Berwick and I was so thankful for it. Just when we were sick of apples, pears and banana’s. Juicy, red and sweet they remind me that Winter will not last forever.

Thank you Queensland (although you do show off a little bit yes?).

My other favourite example of the week is the beautiful, gorgeous, amazing bread I found yesterday at the Emerald Craft and Produce Market. It was my first visit to the market and apparently I chose a bad day. Our Melbourne weather has been even more atrocious than usual lately and Emerald and surrounds were suffering some terrible gusty winds. There were a lot of beautiful tree’s ripped right out of the ground and I think any of the stall holders who turned up to Sunday’s market’s were very brave.

My favourite stall and the reason for my visit was the Artisan Crust boulangerie and patisserie. Their ┬ábread looked amazing and tasted just as good. I bought a baguette which the family had polished off before we had finished our drive back down the mountain. Really good bread like this taste’s like a meal on it’s own although of course it would be even better with some cheese or fresh tomato and balsamic vinegar. It is so much better than the bread you buy from a supermarket. Chewy, crunchy with s slight sour back note for a little interest.

I also bought a fruit loaf with fig, orange and sultana. It is beautiful and is already half gone. Once again, when something is made with so many beautiful ingredients in it all it needs is a little butter and it serve’s as a meal on it’s own.

I can’t find a website for them so no link at this stage sorry….

I will visit them again next month and the market and pick up a business card. And some of their croissants, pain au chocolat and another loaf of bread.

Hmmmm, I can’t wait!

Hopefully by then the sun will be out. Spring! Then you won’t be feeling so smug, will you Queensland?

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