A Touch of Dutch Cafe

A touch of dutch cafe Berwick

Ok. So I have been very excited about this post.

I love a touch of Dutch Cafe in Berwick.

I know it does not sound overly loveable, but bear with me (and check out my images). Kitschy goodness in a tree lined village on the South Eastern Melbourne fringe.

So I have to admit up front that I do have Dutch heritage and seeing big glass jars full of  mouth puckering, salty Dutch licorice does make me feel all nostalgic. But I am pretty sure I would enjoy a touch of Dutch even with out the dutch blood running through my veins.

A touch of Dutch Cafe is attached to a kind of general store next door. It is full of themed tea towels, cuckoo clocks and biscuit tins with the face of the outgoing Monarch plastered on them. They also sell jewellery and frozen food and sauerkraut and an astounding number of vegetables in a jar. I love having a wander through, although I am yet to buy anything. On my last visit it was also full of wandering Dutch men with their “ich” laden conversation, smooth burnished skin, dapper trousers and well cut casual jackets.

Back in the Cafe however I found the food to be lovely and interesting and the service to be friendly but professional (my favourite combination- chat to me, but not very much).

There was a whole shelf of dutch cakes that the waitress tells me are made on site. Then there were plenty more options for your average sweet tooth fix. The caramel slice looked quite fetching I have to say. Coffee was good and they seem to show some interest in ensuring it stays that way. My understanding is that the Dutch have been drinking good, strong, fresh coffee for a long time before it became popular here in Melbourne. So while the coffee did not knock my socks off, it has so far been reliably good. Boy have I been to a lot of Cafe’s where that is not true.

We had to eat the poffertjes. Mini dutch pancakes covered in butter and icing sugar.

They are delicious. And moreish. And flluffy and buttery and maybe addictive? I have ordered them every single time.

They are also kind of fun. I’m not sure how. Maybe I am easily amused?

I really recommend you visit. Order a coffee. Maybe have cake or some sauerkraut or even the caramel slice. Then please let me know how it tastes. I don’t think I’ll ever get past ordering the poffertjes.

Details: Village Arcade, 3 & 4/48-50 High St, Berwick VIC 3806
(03) 9707 2542

You can take a look at their site here.

http://cafe.atouchofdutch.com.auA touch of Dutch cafe Berwick

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