Meal of the Month

Meal of the Month

I am sure I am not the only one who get’s sick of having to cook every single night. Without fail. Sometimes this does not seem like a reasonable system.
But recently, on our trip to NZ (yes I will stop talking about it one day) I was inspired to continue to cook interesting things for dinner at home. Even when it is just for the family and there is no one else impressive to impress.
Home made spaghetti with prawn and vodka sauce was the meal that got me thinking.
So since we arrived home I have been trying a few new recipes.
Lemongrass chicken with rice and a dipping sauce.
Matt Preston’s lamb braise with walnuts and pineapple.
To name just a few.
My husband has been loving this and we are all getting fat, as you would expect. To quote Shakira, these hips don’t lie.
But tonights Roast Chicken with apricot & almond Cous Cous wins the award to the best new recipe.
It was delicious.
So delicious that I went back after all the kids were in bed and scooped up the left over Cous Cous with a beautiful Jones potatoe ( and ate it.
Ate them rather.
Three times.
Who needs dessert when you have warm potatoes that have been wallowing in buttery gravy?
Me probably….
So here is the recipe, inspired by what was in my pantry.
1 Free Range chicken (after reading Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka I few years ago I only buy free range chicken and eggs).
Almonds, bashed.
Apricots, roughly chopped.
Garlic sauteed.
Spring onion.
Did I mention butter?
Whatever spices you like to rub on the outside of the chicken.
Apple cider vinegar
Fresh parsley
White wine

It is worth it!
“That is not a recipe” I hear you say.
And you are right.
Sorry. XX

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