The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

photo-3 You know when you go to a Cafe that is just doing everything well? I had that experience on a recent trip to New Zealand. Now I know this is not anywhere near Berwick, although to those of you thinking of travelling, it is a very quick plane trip. You should do it. You will be pleasantly surprised. Like I was.

But it is the idea behind the awesome hot chocolate that I want to get at. So we were at a gorgeous chocolate shop in Mangawhai called Bennet’s. The hot chocolate was expensive but worth every cent. I was served a cup of perfectly hot milk, a home made passionfruit marshmallow, five squares of their own chocolate for melting and some grated chocolate on top. It was sweet, very sweet. But everything was perfect. Worth it. The service was fast and polite, the room looked amazing, we were comfortable. The food was beautifully presented.  We were served a little piece of happy!

The next day we went to another cafe in town and we ordered a coffee and a small brownie. We were seated in a large echoey room, with no heating and no door. The service was slow. The food was average, the staff gave off that harassed don’t ask me for help vibe, the place was not very clean. And all for only a few dollars less. I would have happily paid the extra money for what was a far superior experience over all. That little piece of happy.

Now this has happened to me quite often. Ordering a coffee or hot chocolate or even a meal, that is expensive, but for no good reason. Now that is something I hate.

Now I just have to find a hot chocolate a little closer to home. The airfare really pushed the price of a nice morning tea up.

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