Great recipes to make the most of What’s in Season in July

What's in Season in July

What’s in Season in July

I am sure that I am not alone in wanting to be able to use fresh, seasonal ingredients to feed my family. I learnt this lesson when I was quite young and working as a Nanny for a horticultural scientist. Occasionally I would do the grocery shopping for the family and one day I was very politely but firmly asked to never buy fruit from overseas again.

I have to confess that up until that point it had never even occurred to me that I might have to make the choice myself (I was young ok?).

But what exactly is in season? Well I have collated some information from the Vic Farmers Market website and also from some books I have on gardening to make this list of What’s in Season in July. I have also picked up the occasional tid bit of advice from the awesome food swap group that I am part of so that I can be prepared with recipes to use prior to hitting the shops.

So here is a great selection of recipes that you can use when cooking with ingredients that are in season in July.

One of my favourite snack recipes of all time is this sweet and crunchy cauliflower recipe. So divine!

I know that it is lemon season right now. The ABC recently posted a great article on what you can do with your glut of lemons. Sadly I currently don’t have a producing citrus tree so feel free to send some my way.

Who could forget Ottolenghi’s cabbage conversation with Blayne from O.My on Master Chef? I love cabbages. So straight to the master of veg himself for this great selection of cabbage recipes.

I have also noticed the gorgeous abundance of olives that are available at this time of year. I just love living in a neighbourhood where olive trees adorn the sidewalk. I tried brining my own one year but without much success. Maybe you will have more luck!

Curing Olives

Celery, carrots, leeks and rosemary can all be used in my most reliably good Minestrone recipe.

What's in Season in July home made minestrone

Why not add some fresh roasted hazelnuts to this simple chocolate slice? Or of course, just eat them fresh or in a salad because what delicious little morsels they are.

Or try this quick and delicious Mullum Curry recipe from meteorologist and cook book author, Magdalena Roze.

What's in Season in July pumpkin for Mullum Curry recipe


This broccoli, cheese and risotto pie is easy to make and delicious to eat. It also transports really well and can be made ahead of time.

To use that fresh beetroot, cook it fresh and then add it to this Beetroot Hummus recipe. This snack recipe is on very high rotation at my house.

Who needs an excuse to make cake, but this Buttery Orange Cake recipe might just be the thing you have been looking for.

There are so many great ideas for using in season fruit and veg. I love to hear new ideas so please share yours in the comments below.

Happy Eating.

Dani xx

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Chicken, porcini and lemon soup recipe. 

Most luscious lemon Tart for my Mum. 



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Cauliflower Steak Recipe with lemon and capers

Cauliflower Steak with lemon and capers

Cauliflower Steak Recipe with lemon and capers

I am a great cauliflower lover these days, even though when I was younger I did not really care for it.

Cauliflower is such an awesomely versatile veg and home cooks are so creative with ways to use it.

As part of my own mission to find new exciting ways to cook fresh, seasonal vegetables, I have tried cauliflower rice and these cauliflower bites (a personal favourite).

Both of them are great as a delicious way to get more veg into your life.

Last year I also made quite a bit of roasted cauliflower by simply adding it to my other roasted veg with a little olive oil and salt.

This Neil Perry recipe for “Whole roasted cauliflower with lemon and mustard” makes for a rather spectacular dish and is one of my favourites. It is also part of the inspiration for my own cauliflower steak recipe.

Cook this cauliflower steak recipe as part of a roast dinner or even as a side dish to serve with a rice bowl. I enjoyed eating this on it’s own as a pre dinner snack but that is probably just me!
Cauliflower Steak Recipe with lemon and capers


Cauliflower steak recipe with lemon and capers

Cauliflower Steak Recipe with lemon and capers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Vegetables
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Serves: 4
  • 1 large cauliflower
  • ¼ teaspoons of salt
  • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice, or to taste
  • 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
  • 1 tbsp salted baby capers, rinsed and drained
  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  2. Grab a baking dish.
  3. Cut the cauliflower into 5 thick slices, leaving the base intact.
  4. Drizzle with olive oil and scatter salt over the top then massage the salt and oil in.
  5. Place in the oven and roast for 35 minutes until tender and browned in places.
  6. While that cooks, make the dressing.
  7. Whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, extra salt and mustard. Stir through the capers.
  8. When the cauliflower is cooked and ready, remove from the oven and drizzle over the dressing. Serve with the extra dressing on the side.
I do not always leave the base of the cauliflower intact before I roast it. Basically it allows the veg to "hold together" and look like an actual steak, but it will taste just as delicious without the base intact.

I am sure you are going to love this Cauliflower Steak Recipe with lemon and capers. Tangy, salty  and delicious, it will help you do something different with this great, versatile vegetable.

What is your favourite way to cook cauliflower? Have you tried cauliflower rice yet, and if so, did you like it? I don’t think I’m quite convinced yet.

Happy Eating.


As my website “grows up” I realise most of my cooking involves two things; vegetables and cake. What a lovely combination for life yes? I am particularly interested in exciting, modern ways to cook vegetables, and traditional, tried and true ways to cook cake.

Do you have a great traditional cake recipe that you would like to share?

Then send me an email. The older the recipe the better.

Or you can join me on Facebook where I look forward to hanging out with my fellow food enthusiasts.

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Come play with us…..


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Support Eat My Street. Affiliates.

Eat My Street is a passion project for me (Dani) and the team.

I absolutely love cooking and writing and hanging out with my online community which is why I started Eat My Street to begin with.

This year I am partnering with a number of different companies that I love via their affiliate programs so that I can turn this little hobby into a business.

So if my readers buy from one of these great companies via the links on my page then I make a small commission on the sale.

Win, win I say.

If you would like to support Eat My Street in this way then here is the full set of links for our current affiliate partners.


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Lite n Easy

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National Milkshake Day

July 23rd is National Milkshake Day.

Your kids are bound to be happy and so maybe are you.

For the best milkshake ever, visit Royal Stacks. They make their milkshakes using “freshly churned frozen custard” and flavours include French Vanilla Bean and Code Black Cold Drip (what?!). You can find them in Brunswick, Melbourne CBD or Malvern East.

I also spent many years drinking the almost 100% ice cream shakes from Dairy Bell for university enduring sustenance, so they hold a special piece of my heart too.

Where do you go for your favourite milkshake?

What’s your favourite flavour?

Take it away Craig.

Dani xx

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International Lamington Day

International Lamington Day

“The lamington is a piece of cake, usually a sponge, covered in chocolate icing and then rolled in desiccated coconut. Sometimes there are fillings put into it too. “

Brian Rough from Old Government House on Radio Australia.

International Lamington Day is being celebrated on July 21st this year. In 2006 the National Trust declared the Lamington a National Icon although there is some dispute around which Country the recipe first came from. It seems that the delicate chocolate covered cake was first made in Australia but the first written recipe appears in New Zealand.

Named after Lord or Lady Lamington around 1900, it was apparently created when the French chef at Government House made was caught short with too many guests to feed and not enough to serve them. Voila! Sponge, dipped in chocolate icing and covered with exotic coconut was the solution.


Lamingtons filled with jam were the stuff that eighties childhood’s were made of but they have since taken a rather colourful detour. To make your own traditional or non traditional Lamington try these great recipes. ”

Double Chocolate Lamingtons 

Lamington Cake with Milo Icing

Lamington Biscuits

Fresh Cherry and Coconut Lamingtons

Raw Cashew and Vanilla Lamington Bites. 

What is your favourite way to enjoy a lamington?

I favour the simplicity of a store bough sponge, dunked into home made chocolate icing and then rolled in desiccated coconut, especially when I’m cooking with kids. Try using 2 cups Icing Sugar to 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder, 2 tbsp Butter and  1 tbsp Boiling Water.

Although if I can source a bakery made lamington with jam, then I am all over that like coconut on a- well- lamington.

Do you buy or make your own laminations?

Happy Lamington Day.

Dani xx

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My Melbourne winter mantra: try a little gratitude

It is that time of year again where Melbourne is cold and a little frosty, and every single person I know appears to be on holiday somewhere warm and a little bit delightful.

My little sister is in Noosa (swoon) and my Mum has just hopped on a jet plane for London. I am still dreaming of living in warmer climes as I do every year at this time.

I normally dream of Queensland but this year the Italian countryside is calling me. A recent opportunity was presented to me to live in Italy for 3 months, studying food systems and Italian culture. All I need to fulfil this lifelong dream is a lot of money, a live in Nanny for 3 months and for my workplace to tell me they don’t really need me in until December. So close but so far.

So instead I am reminded once again of the soothing, healing capabilities of gratitude. 

  • Gratitude can help increase happiness and decrease depression.
  • Practising gratitude before bed can help you sleep better and longer.
  • Grateful people are able to appreciate other people’s accomplishments as it works to reduce social comparison and increase self-esteem.
  • It can help to increase mental strength and improve relationships.

It’s pretty clear right, that in lieu of the Italian countryside, or a Whitsunday Island, I could really try a little gratitude.

So here is my list.

  • The sunrise. Haven’t we been having some gorgeous, sweeping orange-hued sun rises lately? Soft, colourful skies are such a lovely thing to wake up to on freezing cold mornings.
  • My fireplace. Our new home has a toasty fireplace smack bang in the middle of our lounge room. There is nothing more cosy than drinking tea in front of a fireplace on a cold winters day.
  • Long term friendships. Have you got any of those long lasting friendships that see you through ups and downs and ins and outs? Well I have and my recent house move means that I get to see a little bit more of one of my girlfriends. I am still desperately missing being near my sister and Mum, but Friday drinks and “pop arounds” are helping to ease the situation for sure.
  • Family. So yes I love having 5 sisters but I was also recently able to spend some time with my “in-laws.” The Professor flew in with his little blonde haired crew and we all gathered around in a mud brick hut.  We celebrated “Canada Day” and explored Daylesford and Carlton and it was lovely to just reconnect and hang out with extended family.

So what are you grateful for? Can you easily name 5 things? I recommend you give it a try because once you start, it is not so hard. Thinking about what I am grateful for allows me to see the beauty all around my little house in cold old Melbourne after all.



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It’s nearly over

Two weeks ago I was very excitedly looking forward to the school holidays. I was weary and sick and tired because term two had been a very good but rather complicated term.

Life with three kids is always complex I think. I spend hour upon hour following little people around and picking up after them, dropping them off places and buying and cooking them food. Then there is the reading and the homework and all the endless conversations about Minecraft and the moon. Not to mention the frequent and very “special” arguments about who gets to sit in the front seat of the car/ use the shower first/ press the button/ hold the dogs leash.

So it is so exciting and pleasing to take a little break from the routine and do something different for a while. 

For us that meant a couple of nights doing sweet nothing, a couple of nights at Daylesford with extended family and then a couple of nights in Lorne just blissing out. The rest of the time was just spent at home hanging out and resting and enjoying the quiet life.

It was wonderful.Wombat Hill Cafe Daylesford

Swing Bridge Cafe Lorne
And even though it all went way too fast, I think I’m maybe ready to return to my normal routine again. Weird, because I never thought I would ever feel that way two weeks ago.

So bring on the return to routine and bring on term three. I look forward to a little more help via my new BFF Marley Spoon this term. I think all teachers would probably agree, enthusiastic meal prep after a long day at work is tough stuff.

I’m also back on the yoga so the #getstrong struggle continues.

So are you ready for the start of term three or would you like the school holidays to last a little longer?

Go well friends, whatever it is you do.

Dani xx

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20 ways to Celebrate Bastille Day in Melbourne

bistro guillamme for Bastille Day in Melbourne
Bistro Guillaume South Bank

20 ways to Celebrate Bastille Day in Melbourne

Bastille Day is the French National Day celebrated on the 14th of July each year. In France it is known as “le 14 juiellet” or “le fete nationale” and it celebrates the storming of Bastille, a turning point in the French revolution.

Melbourne loves a celebration and some of our best French restaurants and cafes are putting on special dinners especially for the day. So why not buy a ticket, book a table or just pop in for a visit and take in the atmosphere and French food to celebrate Bastille Day in Melbourne.

la belle miette for Bastille Day in Melbourne
La Belle Miette

Some of my favourites include…

Cannibal creek winery for Bastille Day in Melbourne
Cannibal Creek Vineyard and Winery Restaurant

French restaurants

Chef Phillip Sibley has created a Bastille Day menu at Syracuse  that is expertly matched with beautiful wines by sommelier Florian Valières.
$145pp all inclusive.

Delicious french food and excellent service with a view of the Yarra.

Hit the open road and enjoy French food in the countryside made by an experienced French chef.

The French Brasserie are hosting a special Express Lunch & Dinner in Malthouse Lane, featuring live entertainment by the amazing Céd Le Mélédo, drink specials, and prize giveaways throughout the day.

Chef Philippe Michel was Melbourne’s first ever “International Chef” bringing an “overseas” restaurant to Melbourne diners. As such ,the food at his traditional laneway brasserie is classic and timeless with a modern touch.

With menu items like Oyster + Celery, Apple Mignonette and Daily Tarts + Reduced Milk Ice Cream this contemporary French minimalist restaurant is at the top of my wish list.

Bastille Day eve celebrations include four courses with matching
premium wines and live music by La Nuit Blanche.

Celebrate Bastille Day in Melbourne at this Parisienne bar and bistro in Hardware Lane. You can read the review of my excellent dinner to find out more.

A special Bastille Day menu in this Richmond neighbourhood restaurant.

French Algerian food in High St Northcote.

cake Luxbite south yarra for Bastille Day in Melbourne
Macarons at Lux Bite.

Cafes/ casual

macarons for Bastille Day in Melbourne
La Belle Miette Collins St, Melbourne.


  • La Bastille Day French Festival with Alliance Francais in Melbourne.  July 15-16th. Tickets. 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne.
  • Melbourne’s best croissants at Lune, also recently named by the NY Times as “buttery heft and feathery flake, may be the finest you will find anywhere in the world.”
  • French macarons at the adorable La Belle Miette in Collins St.

Milk the Cow in Carlton is hosting a French farmhouse supper on Bastille Day eve but it is sadly already sold out. But what’s to stop you from inviting your neighbours around to create your own? Sounds fun to me.Second home Eltham

Despite my love of French food (it is my favourite cuisine) I almost never cook it at home. Something to do with all that butter and cheese I think. Ignorance is bliss.

But this soul warming French onion pot roast looks worth a try.

As always, SBS Food has a mouth watering selection of authentic recipes that you can try at home.

What would you cook to celebrate Bastille Day? Inspire me, please.

Whatever you do to celebrate, I hope you enjoy Bastille Day.

Dani xx

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 Film lover? Then why not watch a French film on Netflix.

  • You can find some great suggestions on BuzzFeed’s  list of 17 feel good movies to stream on Netflix.
  • I also recently watched Le Week-End on iTunes and “Things to come” (L’avenir) at the cinema. Both of them were moving and pleasantly enjoyable.

Hit me with your own favourer French film.

Love French cooking?

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Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon Review

Chicken Congee Marley Spoon ReviewAt the beginning of this week I was very pleased to have this delivered right to my front door.Marley Spoon delivery


The first thing that I normally think about when I wake up on a Sunday morning is what I have to get done that day, because Monday morning the whole family hits the ground running. This gorgeous little delivery, combined with school holidays for me and the kids,  meant that this week I could leave ‘grocery shopping” until a later date! Continue reading

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Celebrate World Chocolate Day.

All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

Charles M. Schultz

World Chocolate Day, the celebration we had to have because what would life be without chocolate?

Did you know that chocolate reportedly gives a more intense and longer lasting “buzz” than kissing? Oo, la la.

A study released in early 2017 shows that chocolate consumption is on the rise here in Australia with more Aussies eating chocolate bars, blocks and boxed chocolates than they were in 2013. World Chocolate Day, July 7th, seems like a great day to join in!

Here are some ideas of how you might celebrate World Chocolate Day.

Try this milky white hot chocolate recipe.

white hot chocolate recipe for World Chocolate Day

White chocolate mud cake recipe

mud cake for World chocolate day

Best ever chocolate mud cake recipe

mud cake recipe for world chocolate day
Best ever chocolate mud cake recipe

Simple, nutty chocolate slice recipe chocolate biscotti recipe

Very popular chocolate brownie recipe.

Chocolate truffles recipe with Sharon

Truffles with strawberry dust

Melbourne loves a food trend so why not sample a next level hot chocolate experience from one of our favourite hot chocolate spots in Melbourne?

Or a delicious box of Australian made chocolate from a local producerworld chocolate day chocolate

  • Sisko Chocolate Hawthorn and Eastland
  • Haigh’s Chocolate
  • Chocamama
  • Mork Chocolate Brewhouse
  • Bibelot
  • Yarra Valley Chocolatier
  • Indulge Chocolates Bendigo

Whatever you are doing, I hope you enjoy World Chocolate Day.

To really get you in the mood, here is a sculpture of a man made out of chocolate from last years Cake, Bake and Sweets Show….

Impressive don’t you think?

Why not make your own?

life size chocolate sculpture

Coming soon….

Bastille Day is coming so if you would like a reminder then why not like us on Facebook or sign up to stay up to date.

Or check out my Australian Food Days Calendar.



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Trotters Bistro Carlton

Trotters Bistro Carlton

Back in its first heyday, my brother-in-law (The Professor) and sister and law used to live and work in Carlton. Whenever they visit us from Canada they love to go back there to visit friends, try out the delicious food on offer and enjoy the general atmosphere.

Most of us who have grown up in Melbourne will probably have some kind of memories of our first visit to Carlton. I remember walking down the street as a 17-year-old, being called out to by the restaurant owners and being very impressed at the cosy and sophisticated ambience of what was going on inside each restaurant. I also fondly remember one of my first boyfriends who was a waiter in Lygon St, which probably couldn’t have impressed this Country girl more.

Well a lot has changed since then and a lot has stayed the same. I still love shopping on Lygon St and visiting the plethora of great restaurants and cafes in the area. The Professor was visiting again recently and so we left it up to him to chose our dining destination. Trotters Bistro in Lygon St it was.

First impressions were that Trotters Bistro was one of those first wave restaurants that have lasted the test of time. Cosy corners, moody lighting, dark timber walls and friendly greetings at the door started things off  well. The menu has a long list of reliable favourites which is something to be impressed with in this day and age of spectacular Instagram hopeful “good looking” dishes.

Having 6 of us in the group meant we had ample opportunity to really sample the brunch menu (although the lunch specials looked very tempting too).

The breakfast burger with house made hash brown and delicious chutney.

breakfast burger at Trotters Bistro Carlton

Eggs Atlantic at Trotters Bistro CarltonAtlantic Eggs with 2 poached eggs on Dr Marty’s crumpets, with smoked salmon, hollandaise and avocado.

Eggs Benedict at Trotters Bistro Carlton


Eggs Benedict with Dr Marty’s crumpets, hollandaise and smoked ham. The smoked ham deserves a special mention as having a very smokey, delicious flavour.

We all enjoyed our brunch in Carlton. Service was friendly and although I didn’t love my coffee, everything else was reliably good.

Visit Trotters Bistro Carlton for time-honoured dishes served in a classic Lygon street bistro. If you are looking for gluten-free meals, you might be particularly keen to visit as they have a great selection.

Special mention goes to the wall full of antique/ vintage disassembled timber boxes which I could have stared at happily all morning.

Happy Eating.


Trotters Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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